As a writer and professional historian, I want to use Zarafa’s story to go to Africa to meet the authorities and especially the local population in order to make them more aware of the fate of the giraffes. The “Zarafa For Africa” project will start in Tanzania, if possible in December 2021.

In the country, I will present my book On the footsteps of Zarafa (French & English versions). I will show the animated film, “Zarafa”, which was inspired by it. And I will show historical images to tell the true story. Adults and children will be encouraged to react to the images, participate in role-playing, in writing and drawing workshops, etc.

Posters will be distributed to schools and communal houses illustrating and listing the do’s and don’ts for the conservation and preservation of giraffes. These will be developed in cooperation with the local NGO, the Wild Nature Institute, led by scientists Dr. Derek E. LEE and Monica BOND. A documentary will be filmed.


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